Name Llanye’s Imaginary Friend!

I went to play the legacy some more and noticed that Llanye has an Imaginary Friend.  Since I don’t really like the default IF names and I can’t really think of a name at this point, I decided to leave it to my readers.  So, please comment what you think a good name for the IF would be, and I’ll choose the best name from the comments!  Thanks!


UPDATE: The name has been decided.

Name Samantha’s Imaginary Friend!

Originally posted on March 26, 2014

In Chapter 6, Tyla’s ghost gave Samantha a toy. That toy is an Imaginary Friend from the Generations EP, and he is going to be part of the storyline. The only problem is that I haven’t thought of a name for him. Thus, I’d like to ask you, my readers, what you think he should be named! Put your suggestions in the comments. Male names only, please.

Poll is closed! The IF is going to be named Tyler! Thank you for your input!