Last of Her Kind – Interlude

Meanwhile, in the Faelands…

Crazy Man: The Summerfae Queen is dead.

Fairy: I did not ask you to kill her…but you did a good job nonetheless.

Crazy Man: Thank you, my Queen.

Fairy: And the Azul woman?

Crazy Man: Um…she escaped…

Fairy: Idiot!  You have failed me, Darkarion!  I should use you instead of her…

Darkarion: My Queen…I can find her…

Fairy: See that you do.  Another failure will not be tolerated.

(Duck Notes: Thank you to owl_face for lending me the fairy Sim!  Check out her awesome storyline!  Also, thank you to candlelight82 for the house that I used for this interlude’s screenshots!)

Last of Her Kind Succession Rules

These are the rules I am using to determine which Sim will be heir in any given generation of Last of Her Kind:

  • Only mermaid Sims that can trace their lineages to Mia are eligible to be heir.
  • If there is exactly one eligible Sim, that Sim becomes heir.
  • If there are no eligible Sims, the youngest Sim that can trace his/her lineage to Mia will be made a mermaid using MasterController and will be heir.  (Duck Notes: This is how Maya became both a mermaid and the Gen 2 heir.)
  • The unlikely event that none of the Sims can trace their lineages to Mia will be considered a failure and end the legacy.
  • If there is more than one eligible Sim, there will be an heir vote between the eligible Sims on this site, with the winner of the heir vote becoming heir.
  • In the event of a tie in the heir vote, the oldest out of the tied Sims becomes heir.