Last of Her Kind – Chapter 3: Saving Mia

It felt weird for Arthur to sleep alone in that double bed. But sleep eventually did find him, and dreams did likewise. He dreamt of a unicorn – a manifestation of Glenda, aspect of nature – running through a snowy field, light trailing behind. And the unicorn spoke to him in his dream.

Unicorn: To find who you seek, go to this location…

When Arthur awoke, he remembered where the unicorn had told him to go. He got on his bike and rode into the sunrise…


Mia swam through the pool – no, the cage – that she was in. At least her captor was kind enough to provide water, but it was fresh water. She didn’t know how long she had been there, but she did know that if she stayed too long, she would die of salt-water deficiency.

Mia did not want to die.

As Mia was contemplating her situation, she heard a knock on the side of the cage. Looking down, she saw a woman with bright green wings.

Mia (thinking): A fairy…

(Duck Notes: Mia should have a tail instead of her legs when swimming; this is a bug.)

Mia swam closer to the fairy.

Mia: Where are we?

Fairy: I wish I knew exactly. What I do know is that this crazy human knocked me out, and the next thing I knew, I was locked up here. By the way, I’m Ceuj of the house of Silvergryphon, and this is my daughter Llanye.

Mia: I’m Mia Azul. Now how do we get out of here…

Ceuj: Quick, act like nothing’s happening! He’s back!

Crazy Man: Ah, my pets…


Arthur continued to ride his bike through the snowy day, desperately seeking to find the location that the unicorn had hinted Mia would be at.

And he finally made it there. As he walked into the unassuming building, he saw Mia trapped in an enclosure. He also saw the unicorn from his dreams, also trapped, and a fairy mother and child. Unfortunately, their captor was in the building as well.

Arthur: Let Mia go!

Crazy Man: Is this daughter of Shari a friend of yours? She has everything she needs here.

Arthur walked up to the wall of the enclosure and felt it. It was made of acrylic – plastic. The Toxin.

Arthur: What the hell are you doing? Let! Her! Go! Now!

Crazy Man: Why would I do that?

Words turned to blows, as Arthur and the crazy man got into a fight, which Arthur won.

Arthur then cut a hole in the wall of the tank holding Mia, releasing both her and all the water in the tank. The flood was enough for the other captives to break out as well.

Ceuj: By the honor of my house, I will see you dead!

But that was not to be. As Ceuj lay dying, she looked to Arthur and Mia.

Ceuj: Please…take care…of my…Llanye…

And with that, Ceuj of the house of Silvergryphon died.

Mia: Thanks for saving me! But…

Arthur: You’re sad about the fairy?

Mia: Yes. She was my only friend in this hell. And now, she’s dead.

Mia picked up the now-orphaned fairy child Llanye, and she and Arthur exited the building to go home.

(Duck Notes: Yes, Llanye is the spare for this generation.)