Last of Her Kind – Chapter 2: Life and Loss

While she was out stealing, Mia had taken a trip to the library and “borrowed” a book, which she promptly read.

(Duck Notes: In game, this was a career book.)

After reading the book and before heading out, she decided to work out a bit.

One thing Arthur and Mia were sure about was that they both wanted to have a child – to continue the Azul line and the mermaid species.

Arthur and Mia were on pretty much opposite sleeping schedules, with Arthur playing his guitar during the day and Mia stealing at night. Arthur didn’t know that Mia was stealing; he thought she had gotten a graveyard-shift job.

(Duck Notes: In game, that’s exactly what happened; it just so happens that that graveyard-shift job is in the Criminal career.)

They still did, however, find time for each other.

Arthur stated riding his bike to the park instead of taking a car; he liked the feel of the wind in his hair.

The next day, Mia wasn’t feeling all that well…

She thought a good workout might help her feel better.

Finally, she realized what was going on!

With that good news, Arthur and Mia decided to expand their small house in order to add a child’s room, as well as give themselves the space for a proper double bed.

As Mia couldn’t go out and steal while pregnant, she went to the library and borrowed another book.

(Duck Notes: Again, a career opportunity book. And yes, Mia is on maternity leave.)

Before they knew it, Mia was ready to deliver her baby. Arthur and Mia went to the hospital together and left with a new baby mermaid girl. Mia named her new daughter Maya, after her lost sister and Wavespeaker.

(Duck Notes: Hydrophobic on a mermaid? This will be interesting. Although, I did have to use MasterController to make Maya a mermaid.)

However, before they left, the doctor told Mia some bad news. There had been some complications with Maya’s delivery; Mia would never be able to have another child.

There was more bad news when they got home; a rival thief had entered their home and was in the process of stealing something; luckily for Mia and Arthur, the thief left without stealing anything.

(Duck Notes: Yes, that was actually the Repo Man; I got a bit careless with my play. Again. Also, this is the downside of having stars; Mia got a -30 moodlet for my careless play.)

Arthur and Mia were the happiest parents in the world.

But it wouldn’t last. When Mia went out for a swim and didn’t come back, Arthur had to face the fact:

Mia was missing.

Last of Her Kind – Generation 2 Rolls and Traits

Last of Her Kind – Generation 2 Rolls and Traits

Here are the rolls and traits for Generation 2 of Last of Her Kind.

Family Structure: Single + Help
Number of Children: Five
Primary Career: Journalism
Secondary Career: Artist
Generation Goal: Property Mogul
Miscellaneous Fun: It’s So YOU!

Maya Azul’s traits:

  • Good
  • Hydrophobic