Last of Her Kind – Generation 1 Rolls and Traits

Last of Her Kind – Generation 1 Rolls and Traits

Here are the rolls and traits for Generation 1 of Last of Her Kind.

Family Structure: Mixed Couple
Number of Children: Two
Primary Career: Criminal (Thief)
Secondary Career: Busker
Generation Goal: A Party to Remember
Miscellaneous Fun: Homemade

Arthur Azul’s traits and Lifetime Wish:

  • Genius
  • Natural Cook
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Eccentric
  • Hopeless Romantic

Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family

Mia Azul’s traits and Lifetime Wish:

  • Hot-Headed
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Athletic
  • Lucky
  • Angler

Lifetime Wish: Become an Astronaut


Last of Her Kind – Prologue

It all started with Sims that were not careful about where they put their trash.  Over a period of decades, littered items, most of which were plastic, washed into the Western Ocean, causing untold devastation to the environment.  Entire species died out, and one more was about to follow suit…

In the Western Ocean was a mostly abandoned mermaid city.  Only four mermaids remained; the rest had fallen to what they called the Toxin – what was known to human Sims as plastic.  Maya, the Wavespeaker (as the mermaids called their priests) of the remaining mermaids, divined a prophecy: “One from sea and one from land, shall save the People from a Toxic fate.”

Arthur Starre, a scientist studying the litter, had developed a substance that would cause the plastic to congeal into an artificial island.  He was on his boat, about to use his masterpiece, when something happened.  A mermaid surfaced right in front of his boat!  It was Triton, king of the mermaid city and father of Maya.

Triton: “Why are you here, human?”
Arthur: “I am here to clean up the plastic that litters the ocean.”

With that, Triton dove underwater once again to consult with Maya.

Triton: “I think that’s him – the ‘one from land’ that you were speaking about!”
Maya: “He said he’s cleaning the place?”
Triton: “Yes!”
Maya: “There’s a problem, though.  As you know, most of us already have too much Toxin in our systems.  If we wait for this human to clean it all up, even Mia will have succumbed.”
Triton: “Then what do we do?”
Maya: “There’s only one thing we can do.  Get the human to take Mia to safer waters.  Then…hopefully…they can rebuild our people.”

Triton’s other daughter, Mia, swam in as the conversation was ending.

Mia: “Maya asked you to do what?”
Triton: “Because of all the time you spent at the surface, breathing air instead of Toxin-infested water, you’re the only one that can save our people.  Maya, Salty, and I all have too much Toxin in our systems.  The human sailing in our waters is the ‘one from land’ that Maya prophesied.  The ‘one from sea’ is you.”
Mia: “But I don’t want to leave you!”
Triton: “You would be leaving me either way…I don’t have much time left.  Now, let’s go to the surface.”

Triton and Mia resurfaced, and Triton told Arthur the news.

Triton: “My people are dying.  The Toxin – what you called ‘plastic’ – has been too much for us.  Only my daughter Mia is safe.  But if she does not leave this ocean, and soon, even she will fall to the Toxin.”
Triton: “I will give you my daughter in marriage if you promise to take her to an unpolluted ocean, so that my people can once again thrive.”

Mia was beautiful, and Arthur didn’t want another species to die out because of human carelessness.  There was only one option.

Arthur: “I promise.”
Triton: “Now go…find an unpolluted ocean…save our…people…”

Triton’s corpse sank into the sea.  Mia was distraught.

Mia: “Father!!!”
Arthur: “Let’s go…it’s what your father wanted.”
Mia: “Yes…you’re right.”

After sailing for some time, the two arrived at the island of Sunlit Tides, far from the plastic-infested waters.  They bought a house near the beach, and Arthur changed his last name.  Mermaids did not have last names in their own society, but they were living among humans now.  They became Arthur and Mia Azul, the last hopes of the mermaid people.