The Nightmagic Legacy – Chapter 10: End of a Generation

It finally happened. Tyla came back, and this time for good.

Who would have thought I would be comfortable in this situation? But she’s back, and that’s what matters.

As I went to throw away some old issues of The Dragon Valley Oracle, I noticed that things were becoming harder than they used to be. Was this Sabriel’s doing, or was I just getting old?

As I realized that it was indeed me getting old, I told Samantha everything that had happened between Tyla, Sabriel, and myself. I told her how I met Tyla. I told her about Tyla’s murder at the hands of Morida. But most importantly, I told her about the evil that was Sabriel – her grandmother.

Talk about a surprise – Tyla proposed to me! In SimNation, it was always the men that proposed to the women, but I knew from the time that I had spent with the vampires that with them, it was the other way around. Of course, I accepted the proposal!

I treasured every moment I spent with her.

As I dealt with yet another Ward breach, I wondered how long I would be able to handle them, and whether my apprentices would be up to the job.

One of the people that I helped tried to flirt with me. Of course, being engaged, I turned her down.

Because of my history with M.L.L.F., I was able to get a tour for Samantha and Tyler.

And Miles’ apprenticeship was complete. He was ready to take on Ward breaches on his own. He moved out and into a house that I had prepared for the apprentices to live in.

Yet there were still upgrades to make around the house.

Tyler let me know that the school gave him an assignment to research M.L.L.F. and asked me to help him with it, which I agreed to do.

Later, something weird happened: an old man walked into the house and passed out in the bathroom! I guess he must have lost his memory or something and thought it was his house; I woke him up and helped him get to his actual house.

Samantha was playing beautiful music on her guitar…in the bathroom. She was getting really good with that guitar, but seriously? In the bathroom?

Just like Miles before her, Mildred finished her apprenticeship and was named a full Warden.

The TV broke while everyone was watching it! While I was fixing the TV, Samantha came in and started playing her guitar.

At the end of that day, there was a lot of celebrating to be done.

First, Mimi’s apprenticeship ended and I named her a full Warden.

Second, Samantha and Tyler grew into adults.

And finally…I became an elder.

This is my last entry; Samantha told me she wants to take over writing these.