The Nightmagic Legacy – Chapter 8: They All Grow Up

After seeing Sabriel at the graveyard, I knew that I would have to learn more if I were to face her again. So I went back to the chess table. It also felt like Tyla was watching me when I was at that chess table.

Later that day, there was a celebration at City Hall! They were celebrating my getting Sabriel to leave! What’s better, at the celebration, I let them know what Tyla had told me and they arrested Morida!

Because I and my three apprentices had all been competing for space at the chess table, I decided to get another one.

And we were all able to play chess! It’s amazing how much you learn from that game.

In addition to the new chess table, I also had bought a new kitchen table and built a new bathroom.

And there were still some things only I could do.

While I was at work, Miles grew into a teenager!

And when I got home, one of my apprentices managed to break the bathtub while I was sleeping.

After discovering the broken tub, I went to check the mail and found a letter saying I had won a free vacation.

That would have been nice had I not recognized the handwriting. It was Sabriel, and there was no way that I was going to fall for her trap!

Since Miles was old enough now, I decided to train him the way Dampe had trained me.

And I finally got around to fixing that broken bathtub!

After fixing the tub, I got a call from Samantha. Apparently, the Dragon Valley Wyverns had a raffle at the school and she and a friend had won free tickets! She wanted permission to go to her friend’s house and the game, which I granted.

That day’s mail included two love letters. My heart still belonged to, and always will belong to, Tyla.

After checking the mail, I went to deal with some Ward breaches and was surprised when a baby was born right in front of my eyes!

The next day, Mildred grew into a teen – again while I was at work.

And yet another woman asked me out. I declined yet again.

On Thursday, Samantha decided to build a snowman.

And I joined her playing in the snow!

While we were outside, Samantha let me know about a butterfly scavenger hunt the school was having.

And that night, both Mimi and Samantha grew into teens – and I was home to witness it!

Before going back to sleep, Samantha redecorated her room. The toybox and toy oven were now gone, replaced with a guitar. The chemistry set was still there, though!

As I was playing chess with the apprentices Saturday afternoon, I heard Samantha shout, “Yes!” She had been playing with her chemistry set; I wonder what she discovered?