The Nightmagic Legacy – Chapter 10: End of a Generation

It finally happened. Tyla came back, and this time for good.

Who would have thought I would be comfortable in this situation? But she’s back, and that’s what matters.

As I went to throw away some old issues of The Dragon Valley Oracle, I noticed that things were becoming harder than they used to be. Was this Sabriel’s doing, or was I just getting old?

As I realized that it was indeed me getting old, I told Samantha everything that had happened between Tyla, Sabriel, and myself. I told her how I met Tyla. I told her about Tyla’s murder at the hands of Morida. But most importantly, I told her about the evil that was Sabriel – her grandmother.

Talk about a surprise – Tyla proposed to me! In SimNation, it was always the men that proposed to the women, but I knew from the time that I had spent with the vampires that with them, it was the other way around. Of course, I accepted the proposal!

I treasured every moment I spent with her.

As I dealt with yet another Ward breach, I wondered how long I would be able to handle them, and whether my apprentices would be up to the job.

One of the people that I helped tried to flirt with me. Of course, being engaged, I turned her down.

Because of my history with M.L.L.F., I was able to get a tour for Samantha and Tyler.

And Miles’ apprenticeship was complete. He was ready to take on Ward breaches on his own. He moved out and into a house that I had prepared for the apprentices to live in.

Yet there were still upgrades to make around the house.

Tyler let me know that the school gave him an assignment to research M.L.L.F. and asked me to help him with it, which I agreed to do.

Later, something weird happened: an old man walked into the house and passed out in the bathroom! I guess he must have lost his memory or something and thought it was his house; I woke him up and helped him get to his actual house.

Samantha was playing beautiful music on her guitar…in the bathroom. She was getting really good with that guitar, but seriously? In the bathroom?

Just like Miles before her, Mildred finished her apprenticeship and was named a full Warden.

The TV broke while everyone was watching it! While I was fixing the TV, Samantha came in and started playing her guitar.

At the end of that day, there was a lot of celebrating to be done.

First, Mimi’s apprenticeship ended and I named her a full Warden.

Second, Samantha and Tyler grew into adults.

And finally…I became an elder.

This is my last entry; Samantha told me she wants to take over writing these.

The Nightmagic Legacy – Chapter 9: He’s Real!

The next night, Tyla’s ghost woke me up.

“I’ve been gathering what strength I have left so that I can come back to you for good.  I love you, Duncan.”

That afternoon, Samantha walked up to me.

“I’ve never had any friends in school.  Everyone always knew me as the half-vampire girl.  So, when I found that I could use the chemistry set to make Tyler real, I went for it!”

“Tyler, will you be my boyfriend?”  He responded to her in the affirmative; I was excited to see my daughter finally in a relationship!

The next day, I got a note from the school asking if Samantha and Tyler could go on a field trip.  Of course I accepted.

That afternoon, right before work, I checked the mail and got a letter and certificate congratulating me on my chess skills!

There must have been something that I was allergic to at one of the Ward breaches that I deal with; I was sneezing my lungs out by the time they were all gone.  Luckily, the hospital had a vaccine to deal with that.

Tyla’s ghost was coming more and more often now.

After Samantha got back from the field trip, she started playing her guitar.  She was getting good at it!

The next day, Samantha was sound asleep when the school bus came.  She did eventually go to school, but I wasn’t happy.

Most of the rest of the week was uneventful.  However, on Saturday, the town saw fit to give me another award!

The Nightmagic Legacy – Chapter 8: They All Grow Up

After seeing Sabriel at the graveyard, I knew that I would have to learn more if I were to face her again. So I went back to the chess table. It also felt like Tyla was watching me when I was at that chess table.

Later that day, there was a celebration at City Hall! They were celebrating my getting Sabriel to leave! What’s better, at the celebration, I let them know what Tyla had told me and they arrested Morida!

Because I and my three apprentices had all been competing for space at the chess table, I decided to get another one.

And we were all able to play chess! It’s amazing how much you learn from that game.

In addition to the new chess table, I also had bought a new kitchen table and built a new bathroom.

And there were still some things only I could do.

While I was at work, Miles grew into a teenager!

And when I got home, one of my apprentices managed to break the bathtub while I was sleeping.

After discovering the broken tub, I went to check the mail and found a letter saying I had won a free vacation.

That would have been nice had I not recognized the handwriting. It was Sabriel, and there was no way that I was going to fall for her trap!

Since Miles was old enough now, I decided to train him the way Dampe had trained me.

And I finally got around to fixing that broken bathtub!

After fixing the tub, I got a call from Samantha. Apparently, the Dragon Valley Wyverns had a raffle at the school and she and a friend had won free tickets! She wanted permission to go to her friend’s house and the game, which I granted.

That day’s mail included two love letters. My heart still belonged to, and always will belong to, Tyla.

After checking the mail, I went to deal with some Ward breaches and was surprised when a baby was born right in front of my eyes!

The next day, Mildred grew into a teen – again while I was at work.

And yet another woman asked me out. I declined yet again.

On Thursday, Samantha decided to build a snowman.

And I joined her playing in the snow!

While we were outside, Samantha let me know about a butterfly scavenger hunt the school was having.

And that night, both Mimi and Samantha grew into teens – and I was home to witness it!

Before going back to sleep, Samantha redecorated her room. The toybox and toy oven were now gone, replaced with a guitar. The chemistry set was still there, though!

As I was playing chess with the apprentices Saturday afternoon, I heard Samantha shout, “Yes!” She had been playing with her chemistry set; I wonder what she discovered?

The Nightmagic Legacy – Chapter 7: Enter the Villains

The next day was a blur. Samantha liked her new toy. She named it Tyler, probably after her mother, although she didn’t know that.

Since there were no Ward breaches, I spent the day taking care of Samantha and preparing for any potential breaches. The next day, however, I got a call from Dampe.

“I’m getting old, kid. I don’t know how much time I have left. You’ll need to take my place.”

“No…You can’t die…” I wasn’t ready to lose my mentor. But it was inevitable.

“You’re ready, kid. I know you can do it.”

That day, there were, unfortunately, some Ward breaches.

I got home early from dealing with the breaches, so I could spend more time with Samantha than I had expected to be able to.

One day later, I was dealing with a breach when I got a call from M.L.L.F. As soon as they referred to me as “High Warden” I knew exactly what the call was about.

Dampe had passed on. I was now the last of the Wardens.

Grief struck me once again. I had now lost two people that were close to me. But I knew that I had to carry on Dampe’s legacy and protect Dragon Valley for the sake of future generations – and for Samantha.

When I got home, I once again found Tyla, and I had something to talk to her about.

“Tyla, right after you died, I got a letter – a love letter – from a woman named Morida.” As soon as I said that name, Tyla’s ghostly face lost what color it had.

“Morida…do you mean Morida O’Connell?”

“Why yes, I do! Do you know her?”

“She’s the one who drove the stake through my heart.” When I heard that, I knew what I had to do. Tyla’s killer would face justice! While I was taking care of Samantha – and while Tyla was still manifested – Morida called and asked if I wanted to go out on a date.

My response was simple. “I don’t date murderers.”

Before Tyla left, I asked her one more question. “If I’m able to bring Morida to trial, will you be there?”

Her answer was, “I’ll do everything I can to make it.”

The next night, Samantha once again grew up while I was dealing with a breach. I felt bad for not being able to be there for her birthday, but with Dampe dead, I was the only one who was able to handle these incidents!

Since her crib and potty chair were no longer needed, I got her some more appropriate furnishings.

It turned out that Samantha was quite the little baker! I wonder where she got that from…

She also seemed to know what she wanted to do in life: be the best singer Dragon Valley had ever seen!

That said, she also seemed interested in chemistry.

I do have to say, though, that she was a little…is “paranoid” the right word?…about the bathroom. She seemed to be shooing someone out of the bathroom before she used it, but there was no one there!

And it was Samantha’s first day of school! I wondered who she would befriend…

While Samantha was at school, I went to M.L.L.F. to find out when and where Dampe’s funeral would be. The M.L.L.F. people said that it would be the next day at the graveyard – the same graveyard that I came to Dragon Valley through!

When Samantha got home from school, she was extremely happy. She told me about all the new friends she had made, and she also seemed to be telling Tyler. I guess she just has an active imagination.

Just like I did when I was in the Dragon Valley school, Samantha immediately started doing her homework. She was telling Tyler all about it.

In the middle of the night, the day before the funeral, a burglar broke into the house! I confronted him, but I wasn’t able to keep him from escaping with my stove and Samantha’s toybox.

I was able to replace the stolen items, and I also bought a burglar alarm. I called the Bronze to report the theft, and they sent someone over.

And I went back to sleep.

The next afternoon, I got a call from M.L.L.F. saying that the funeral would be starting soon and that Samantha and I should get to the graveyard. We, of course, did.

The funeral was a sad event. Dampe was well-liked in all of Dragon Valley, and the entire town had gathered to pay their respects to him. After the funeral, however, when everyone else had left, I sensed something, and so Samantha and I stayed at the graveyard for a little while longer. Samantha asked why we were staying, and I told her that I felt something was wrong.

And something was indeed wrong. There was a Ward breach, and a major one at that! A full-fledged vampire emerged from the catacombs, and once again, I recognized her face. This time, however, that was not good news.

It was Tyla’s mother, Sabriel K’ien’sha – the Queen of the vampires.

I immediately told Samantha to run and get the Order of the Silver – the military.

“But what about you, Daddy?”

“I’ll try to hold the vampire off! Go!” And Samantha ran, leaving me alone with my worst nightmare.

“Ah, so I’ve found you.” These were Sabriel’s first words to me. “Where is my daughter?”

“I’m sorry to say this, but…your daughter was murdered last week.” Where are the Silver…

Sabriel was enraged at this news. Trying to stall for time, I told her, “I did everything I could to protect Tyla, but I couldn’t do enough. And I will bring her killer to justice.”

Sabriel was still extremely angry. I guess she thought I was the killer, as she spat at me, “You couldn’t do enough? You should have gone out and protected her with your life, stupid human!” At that point, Samantha returned with the Silver.

“So you brought the human military…” With the Silver at my back, I pulled out my trusty Banisher and fired it at Sabriel. “This isn’t over!” she shouted as she was pushed out of Dragon Valley.

After all that was done, three of the Silver apprentices – children whose families had given them to the Silver to train – ran to me.

“Wow, that was cool!”

“How did you do that?”

“Teach us how to do that!”

Thinking about what Dampe had said, I told them that I would talk with the Silver. And talk with the Silver I did. I explained that the Wardens had no apprentices, and that these three bright young children had expressed interest in transferring to the Wardens. The Silver agreed to the transfer, as they had plenty of apprentices and they did not want the Wardens to die out, and they told my new apprentices – Mildred O’Reilly, Miles Dolan, and Mimi Murphy-Finnigan – the good news.

Now that I have apprentices, I have to train them if I want the Wardens – and by extension, the town, to survive…

The Nightmagic Legacy – Chapter 6: Tragedy and a Toddler

Originally posted on March 26, 2014

I spent most of my weekend either with Tyla or building a new room for our incoming child. Sunday evening, she was ready to give birth. Apparently, vampires’ young develop faster than humans’. As I took her to the hospital, I hoped that our child would be human.

When we got to the hospital, Tyla was taken to the maternity ward, where she gave birth to a healthy – and human – baby girl. We named her Samantha.

After Samantha, Tyla, and I all had gone to bed that night, I heard something outside. Looking out the window, I saw some angry-looking people with torches. I let Tyla know about it and was about to call the Order of the Bronze – Dragon Valley’s police force – when Tyla said she’d handle it. She went outside, and sure enough, the people left. But Tyla didn’t come back inside! Thinking something was wrong, I ran outside, only to find her lifeless body on the grass, a wooden stake piercing her chest.

I immediately called the Order of the Bronze and they confirmed what I already knew – that Tyla had been murdered. They were reluctant to even investigate Tyla’s murder, as she was a vampire, but eventually I convinced them to do it. While they worked on investigating the crime, I still had a baby to take care of – and now I had to do it alone.

My time at home was spent taking care of Samantha. I didn’t have much time to do any of the other things I liked doing, such as playing chess. Not that chess made me feel good at the time, since it just reminded me of playing chess with Tyla. I missed her so much.

Although I would have liked to spend all of my time with Samantha, I did still have to work. It was hard finding someone who would watch over Samantha while I was at work, but one of the families I had helped offered to watch over her while I was working.

The next day, I actually sat down at the chess table, but I couldn’t stay there for long before thoughts of Tyla filled my mind.

By the day after that, I had gotten into a routine of working and taking care of Samantha. I opened up the mailbox that morning, expecting to find tax demands. Instead, I found a gift from a woman named Morida. Apparently, she had heard of Tyla’s death and wanted to get together with me. Unfortunately for her, I wasn’t interested in her; I would never love another.

And the routine continued. But when I got home from work, I was in for a surprise: Samantha had grown into a toddler! Apparently she had some vampire blood in her after all; a pure human would not have grown this quickly. I immediately bought a high chair and potty chair, and just in time, too!

I also started teaching Samantha to walk…

…and to use the toilet.

That night, I had trouble getting to sleep. I felt like something was wrong, and so I decided to check around the house. It was when I checked in the kitchen that I saw a ghost. I had seen ghosts in other people’s houses before – after all, part of my job was to get them out – but never in my own house. And something about this one looked familiar. Then I looked at the ghost’s face, and everything became clear.

The ghost was Tyla!

Tyla let me know that, even though her vampire body had died, her spirit would always love me and would always be there for Samantha. She also gave me a toy to give to Samantha. Then she left, explaining that she couldn’t stay in the mortal world for very long in her current state. But still, I got to see her again!

After Samantha learned to walk, the next thing was teaching her to talk.

She excelled in that, just as she did in walking. I’m more and more proud of her every day!

The Nightmagic Legacy – Bonus Chapter: How Tyla Met Duncan

Originally posted on March 2, 2014

Yes, I know I said I’d introduce Generation 2 in the next chapter, and I still plan on doing so in Chapter 6. But some game glitchiness kept me from being able to take the pictures for Chapter 6 today, so here’s a bonus chapter from Tyla’s point of view. It starts during the Prologue and shows how the two met, as well as some backstory. Enjoy. -PSDuckie

How did I, princess of the vampires, end up living in Dragon Valley with a human man?

I’m Tylarael K’ien’sha, and this is my story.

It all started when I was just a fledgling. I was an only child, and my mother the Queen had just successfully led an invasion of the human town of Appaloosa Plains. I had been trying to find someone to play with for a while at that point, so when she gave me a captured human boy, I was extremely happy. His name was Duncan, and we became close friends. That is, until mother sold him three years later. I was upset, but I couldn’t do anything about it. After all, she was the Queen.

I grew to see what was wrong with vampire society and eventually, I heard that Duncan had escaped. I realized that I missed him and worked to figure out where he went, so I could be with him once again…