Piercing of the Barriers Preview

Originally posted on December 7, 2012
Hello everyone.  PSDuckie here.
I’m making this post in response to one of the comments on chapter 3 of the Darkdusk legacy.
Since I read that comment, I’ve been wanting to go into more detail about the Four Realms, but I had to come up with more lore before I could post anything.  Now, with the Time theme on ModTheSims, I am finally ready to reveal the preview for my first Realm of Dusk video!

Piercing of the Barriers

Millennia before Kelly and Cyrus Darkdusk launched their campaign to conquer the Realm of Dusk…

Realm travel was impossible, as the Barriers between the Realms were still intact.  However, a leak in the Barrier between the Realm of Dusk and the Realm of Dawn allowed a small amount of power to leak from Dawn into Dusk.  The inhabitants of the Realm of Dusk called this mysterious power “magic” and formed the Order of Magi to regulate its use.

One Magus wanted more power than the Order could ever provide.  He set out on a journey to find the source of all magic, and in the process, formed his own legacy…