Name Llanye’s Imaginary Friend!

I went to play the legacy some more and noticed that Llanye has an Imaginary Friend.  Since I don’t really like the default IF names and I can’t really think of a name at this point, I decided to leave it to my readers.  So, please comment what you think a good name for the IF would be, and I’ll choose the best name from the comments!  Thanks!


A small lore drop

(Duck Notes: I know, an update for Last of Her Kind is long overdue. And I don’t have that update ready yet. However, I did write up a bit of lore for the world that Arthur, Mia, Maya, and Llanye live in, and I’m going to be sharing it with you now.)



Simmium is the planet that the story takes place on.  Inhabitants of Simmium are known as Sims, regardless of whether they are human or supernatural.


The planet Kytania orbits a star 2.86 light-years away from Simmium’s sun. Originally, Kytanian civilization had a medieval technology level; however, Sim colonists have taken over Kytania, enslaving the native Kytanians.

The Faelands

The Faelands are not a planet, but rather an alternate dimension where the Fairies hail from.

The Sim Fairies traditionally divided themselves into two factions: the Summerfae and the Winterfae. Traditionally, the Summerfae took power over the Sim Faelands at the vernal equinox, and the Winterfae took power at the autumnal equinox.

Not much is known about the Kytanian Faelands and their Fairies.


Sim Religion

Sims worship a deity known as the Watcher. The Watcher divides himself into several Aspects, each of which can be worshipped as a deity in and of itself. Three of the most commonly known Aspects are Shari, Aspect of Sea, Glenda, Aspect of Nature, and Aspear, Aspect of Intellect.

Kytanian Religion

Kytania also has a Watcher. Unlike the Sim Watcher, the Kytanian Watcher does not have Aspects. The Sim conquerors of Kytania have made worship of the Kytanian Watcher highly illegal.

Last of Her Kind – Chapter 3: Saving Mia

It felt weird for Arthur to sleep alone in that double bed. But sleep eventually did find him, and dreams did likewise. He dreamt of a unicorn – a manifestation of Glenda, aspect of nature – running through a snowy field, light trailing behind. And the unicorn spoke to him in his dream.

Unicorn: To find who you seek, go to this location…

When Arthur awoke, he remembered where the unicorn had told him to go. He got on his bike and rode into the sunrise…


Mia swam through the pool – no, the cage – that she was in. At least her captor was kind enough to provide water, but it was fresh water. She didn’t know how long she had been there, but she did know that if she stayed too long, she would die of salt-water deficiency.

Mia did not want to die.

As Mia was contemplating her situation, she heard a knock on the side of the cage. Looking down, she saw a woman with bright green wings.

Mia (thinking): A fairy…

(Duck Notes: Mia should have a tail instead of her legs when swimming; this is a bug.)

Mia swam closer to the fairy.

Mia: Where are we?

Fairy: I wish I knew exactly. What I do know is that this crazy human knocked me out, and the next thing I knew, I was locked up here. By the way, I’m Ceuj of the house of Silvergryphon, and this is my daughter Llanye.

Mia: I’m Mia Azul. Now how do we get out of here…

Ceuj: Quick, act like nothing’s happening! He’s back!

Crazy Man: Ah, my pets…


Arthur continued to ride his bike through the snowy day, desperately seeking to find the location that the unicorn had hinted Mia would be at.

And he finally made it there. As he walked into the unassuming building, he saw Mia trapped in an enclosure. He also saw the unicorn from his dreams, also trapped, and a fairy mother and child. Unfortunately, their captor was in the building as well.

Arthur: Let Mia go!

Crazy Man: Is this daughter of Shari a friend of yours? She has everything she needs here.

Arthur walked up to the wall of the enclosure and felt it. It was made of acrylic – plastic. The Toxin.

Arthur: What the hell are you doing? Let! Her! Go! Now!

Crazy Man: Why would I do that?

Words turned to blows, as Arthur and the crazy man got into a fight, which Arthur won.

Arthur then cut a hole in the wall of the tank holding Mia, releasing both her and all the water in the tank. The flood was enough for the other captives to break out as well.

Ceuj: By the honor of my house, I will see you dead!

But that was not to be. As Ceuj lay dying, she looked to Arthur and Mia.

Ceuj: Please…take care…of my…Llanye…

And with that, Ceuj of the house of Silvergryphon died.

Mia: Thanks for saving me! But…

Arthur: You’re sad about the fairy?

Mia: Yes. She was my only friend in this hell. And now, she’s dead.

Mia picked up the now-orphaned fairy child Llanye, and she and Arthur exited the building to go home.

(Duck Notes: Yes, Llanye is the spare for this generation.)

Last of Her Kind – Chapter 2: Life and Loss

While she was out stealing, Mia had taken a trip to the library and “borrowed” a book, which she promptly read.

(Duck Notes: In game, this was a career book.)

After reading the book and before heading out, she decided to work out a bit.

One thing Arthur and Mia were sure about was that they both wanted to have a child – to continue the Azul line and the mermaid species.

Arthur and Mia were on pretty much opposite sleeping schedules, with Arthur playing his guitar during the day and Mia stealing at night. Arthur didn’t know that Mia was stealing; he thought she had gotten a graveyard-shift job.

(Duck Notes: In game, that’s exactly what happened; it just so happens that that graveyard-shift job is in the Criminal career.)

They still did, however, find time for each other.

Arthur stated riding his bike to the park instead of taking a car; he liked the feel of the wind in his hair.

The next day, Mia wasn’t feeling all that well…

She thought a good workout might help her feel better.

Finally, she realized what was going on!

With that good news, Arthur and Mia decided to expand their small house in order to add a child’s room, as well as give themselves the space for a proper double bed.

As Mia couldn’t go out and steal while pregnant, she went to the library and borrowed another book.

(Duck Notes: Again, a career opportunity book. And yes, Mia is on maternity leave.)

Before they knew it, Mia was ready to deliver her baby. Arthur and Mia went to the hospital together and left with a new baby mermaid girl. Mia named her new daughter Maya, after her lost sister and Wavespeaker.

(Duck Notes: Hydrophobic on a mermaid? This will be interesting. Although, I did have to use MasterController to make Maya a mermaid.)

However, before they left, the doctor told Mia some bad news. There had been some complications with Maya’s delivery; Mia would never be able to have another child.

There was more bad news when they got home; a rival thief had entered their home and was in the process of stealing something; luckily for Mia and Arthur, the thief left without stealing anything.

(Duck Notes: Yes, that was actually the Repo Man; I got a bit careless with my play. Again. Also, this is the downside of having stars; Mia got a -30 moodlet for my careless play.)

Arthur and Mia were the happiest parents in the world.

But it wouldn’t last. When Mia went out for a swim and didn’t come back, Arthur had to face the fact:

Mia was missing.

Last of Her Kind – Generation 2 Rolls and Traits

Last of Her Kind – Generation 2 Rolls and Traits

Here are the rolls and traits for Generation 2 of Last of Her Kind.

Family Structure: Single + Help
Number of Children: Five
Primary Career: Journalism
Secondary Career: Artist
Generation Goal: Property Mogul
Miscellaneous Fun: It’s So YOU!

Maya Azul’s traits:

  • Good
  • Hydrophobic

Last of Her Kind – Chapter 1: Welcome to Sunlit Tides

Upon arriving in Sunlit Tides, Arthur and Mia knew that they would have to find some way to get money.  The funds that Arthur had saved for his expedition were nearly gone, and mermaids hadn’t used money since the Toxin decimated their people.  Arthur decided that he would use his guitar skills to play for tips.  Mia didn’t want to do anything to help humans (with the exception of Arthur) but she knew that she wouldn’t survive without doing something.  So, she looked back to mermaid history to think of something.

Before the Toxin, there was an order of female mermaids whose job it was to use their beauty to lure human men to a life of servitude beneath the waves, doing the jobs that were too menial for mermaid hands.  The Sirens, as they were called, had disbanded after the Toxin appeared and killed many of their members.

Mia had no intention of enslaving anyone, but she did intend to use her beauty to steal from human men.  As far as she was concerned, they deserved it for unleashing the Toxin on her people.  She wouldn’t tell Arthur about it, though.

Duck Notes: In game, Mia joined the Criminal career (and will be taking the Thief branch, as that is what I rolled and she is stealing as opposed to doing evil); unlike in-game, she is working alone in the storyline.

As Mia was exploring the island, Arthur practiced his guitar to get the rust out.

Finally, Mia got home.  Both Arthur and Mia were quite hungry, and they hadn’t been able to find any kelp – the favorite food of mermaids – that wasn’t contaminated with the Toxin.  Arthur promised to Mia that he would make something that she would like, and he did.

(Duck Notes: This is the Homemade roll being annoying.  As a player, I really wanted to have Mia eat kelp, but I couldn’t find any recipes that used it.)

Their house didn’t have room for a proper double bed, so Arthur bought a bunk bed for the two of them.

The next day, Mia went out again, ostensibly to explore, but actually to steal.  She stayed out a little too long, though, and collapsed of dehydration on her way back home.  Luckily, she was able to call Arthur, who hurried and splashed water on her, then helped her get home.

(Duck Notes: Yes, that is what it looks like: Mia came very close to dying.  If I hadn’t intervened and sent Arthur to save her, she would have died – on day 2 of the legacy!)

From then on, Mia was very careful about not getting dehydrated!  But she did get into the newspaper.

(Duck Notes: One star already?  It’s the first week of the legacy, and I wasn’t even trying for stars!)

Mia’s troubles with water, however, were far from over.  She knew that without saltwater in her system, she could die just as easily as she almost did when she was dehydrated.  And she was running low, so she took a trip to the beach and played in the ocean – the clean ocean – for a bit.

(Duck Notes: Mia does not know the complete truth about that game mechanic.  She would not die; she would just turn human.  However, what she had been taught is that she would die.)

Arthur finally got to the point where he was comfortable playing for tips, and he was first going to go over to City Hall and turn in the final papers to get a business license.  He wasn’t sure whether he actually needed it, but he felt it would be better safe than sorry.  Mia volunteered to turn in the papers, and so she did.

(Duck Notes: Mia actually had a career opportunity that involved going to City Hall.  But since the career is in-game only, I needed a reason for her to go storyline-wise.)

And with that done, Arthur went to the Summer Festival to play some music.  He wasn’t going to let a little thing like illness stop him!

The day after that was Leisure Day.  But it may as well have been Love Day, as Arthur and Mia decided to consummate their marriage on that day.

(Duck Notes: There still isn’t enough room in the house for a proper double bed.  I do plan on eventually fixing that.  On another note, I have Risky WooHoo on, so I don’t know when Generation 2 will be coming.)

Unfortunately, their…action…was a bit too much for the shower.  Fortunately, Arthur could repair it.

(Duck Notes: In game, the shower actually broke the day after the WooHoo happened.)

The next day was a rainy day.  Arthur decided not to go to the festival grounds and play because of that; instead, he spent his time practicing at home.

And so ends Arthur and Mia’s first week in Sunlit Tides.

Last of Her Kind – Generation 1 Rolls and Traits

Last of Her Kind – Generation 1 Rolls and Traits

Here are the rolls and traits for Generation 1 of Last of Her Kind.

Family Structure: Mixed Couple
Number of Children: Two
Primary Career: Criminal (Thief)
Secondary Career: Busker
Generation Goal: A Party to Remember
Miscellaneous Fun: Homemade

Arthur Azul’s traits and Lifetime Wish:

  • Genius
  • Natural Cook
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Eccentric
  • Hopeless Romantic

Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family

Mia Azul’s traits and Lifetime Wish:

  • Hot-Headed
  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Athletic
  • Lucky
  • Angler

Lifetime Wish: Become an Astronaut